take away

In times of locked doors, closed museums and galleries, you can suspect a cultural shutdown. Nevertheless, some initiatives manage to make art visible in analog spaces, like in the case of collaboration between Daria Nazarenko and Kati Masami Menze at NAILS Projectroom. The title of the work „takeaway" refers on to the to-go culture shaped by the lockdown. Simultaneously it gives clues to the art reception born out of need to step beyond the protected white cube. With their three-channel video installation, they question movements that exist despite the times of social stagnation – even if the opposite seems to take place in public spaces.

The stages of motion processed in the video loop describe precisely a new social movement – a moment of waiting, a turn, the fall, a process of making a phrase and the spine. A movement which begun in the waiting queue in front of a kiosk.This moment of waiting is impressively portrayed by the waiting marks in front of the exhibition showcase (even if you probably don't get any sweets here).Through the turn, maybe a U-turn, you get into the free fall, this fainting, into the all-familiar emotion of crisis. 

But every paralysis comes to an end, after the fall you always get up again. The last two chapters describe this conscious movement process. Overall, this work resembles an opera. The overture is introduced by the sweets and culminates in a waltz. The end leads in the matter which keeps us together - a spinal column holding our fundamental skeleton. Whether it ends up being a comedy or a tragedy remains to be seen. Because all we have left is our body.

Text by Polina Sluzkaja

Installation, 22.02.2021 – 07.03.2021 , @NAILS projectroom


Kati Masami Menze 

Daria Nazarenko


Noemi Krausz

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NAILS projectroom Maren Knapp 

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