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At first the focus was on the working process of artistic work. "How do we come together / with what expectations do we come together ? " Based on the book "The Practice of Dramaturgy" a half theoretical, half practical research had started. Understanding dramaturgy as a catalyzing element awakened new perspectives. This was followed by self-reflection, in which it became clearer that rational thinking and pre-planning and the associated urge to maintain control over the process plays a major role. So we have repeatedly practiced trusting in the process and from that point on we were letting things „happen" intuitively.

Following a kind of knowledge-sharing platform was developed with the intention of open-source. Everybody knows days when one comes to the studio and has no clue how/where to start. Or a day when one wants to try something new but gets stuck in one's own habits. For those days, this Google-doc "Zwergen" is meant. With hashtags you can see if the exercises or suggestions fit your needs and possibilities. The structure of the docs offers the possibility to add new inputs at any time and the open-source can thus be used and developed collectively.

Research, 23.05.2022 – 03.06.2022 , @space | lab


Josephine Kalies


Kati Masami Menze

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