The kitchen is versatile. It is a protected meeting place for the family and the center of a home. A place of self-realization and expression of personal lifestyle, but also a mirror of social life and social attributions. And: The kitchen is again and again the starting point for artistic contemplations. The kitchen of Robert, Kati and Marius is the starting point for the director and sculptor Marlin de Haan from Düsseldorf. For K.I.T.C.H.E.N. she links the documentation of the time when the three dancers' lived together and the present. Robert, Kati and Marius have since moved on. In collaboration with the author Helen Brecht, the sound designer Marcus Zilz and the three performers Hendrik Hebben, Marlene Helling and Josephine Kalies, Marlin de Haan created a walk-in installation on Stage II of the FFT. Here, farewell and departure, public and private, stage and kitchen space and togetherness are explored. Come in and sit down.

Installation+Performances, 23.04.2022 – 26.04.2022 , @FFT Düsseldorf

direction/space concept/producer

Marlin de Haan


Helen Brecht

sound design

Marcus Zilz


Cornelius Schaper

from and with

Hendrik Hebben

Marlene Helling

Josephine Kalies

Marius Ledwig

Kati Masami Menze

Robert Schulz

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