Bibliopark Ex

miu's project series Ex is a platform that transforms the playing surface into an experimental environment between sound installation and speech performance. The compositional starting point of the Ex -series is to illuminate an original motif from different perspectives. The basis for this scenic reading is the book Bibliopark Ex, published by miu especially for this production, which contains several short stories thematically related to the initial production Bibliopark (premiere on 28.6.2021 at the Zentralbibliothek Düsseldorf). This book is trilingual (German, French and Japanese) and was read by three readers in their respective mother tongues.

Performance, 26.11.2021 – 28.11.2021 , @ehemalige Zentralbibliothek Düsseldorf

concept, text, system composition, sound and direction



Juliette Adrover

Kati Masami Menze

Kristin Schuster 

coproduced by

FFT Düsseldorf

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