What defines a performance?", "Do we meet the expectations of the audience or don’t we?".

LIMINALITIES is an interdisciplinary piece which has been produced in Germany and Japan. The international production explores the frame of a performance. The given structure and the difficulties of the physical distance during the creation period became the theme of the work itself. The idea was to give space to the desperation that arose during the production process which stays usually behind the stage. 

In the beginning the piece appears to be an ordinary performance, but then it raises the question of whether it is not just a rehearsal that is being shown. A glitch of set movement and sound material. Performers that are trying to complete something but then they are lost about how to continue the piece. Musicians that are discussing when to start again from the beginning. It is about not to withhold the imperfect moment from the audience that we are often trained to hide as an artist, but to use it as the main instrument and to invite the audience to an unknown place in a theater space. 

A performance becomes a performance through the frame of a performance: 

duration, action, space and audience 

Performance, 24.08.2019 – 25.08.2019 , @Vacant Harajuku Theater Tokyo


Kati Masami Menze 

Rinko Tsukamoto


Marius Ledwig

Kati Masami Menze 


Aoi Ito 

Masaki Mifuku 

Maho Mitsui 

Akane Takaya 


Saeko Sugai

hair & makeup

Yoko Hirakawa


Wakaba Nakazato

Kati Masami Menze

Rinko Tsukamoto

coproduced with

Vacant Harajuku