Exercises for Ungrounding

Under the name "Exercise for Ungrounding", a workshop has been developed in which artists at the beginning of their careers are invited to look at and try out alternative life practices together.

It was developed by Toni Brell, Kati Masami Menze and Daria Nazarenko with the desire to create a space in which we can question precarious working conditions together and discuss them as a matter of course.

Using writing exercises, sensory interaction and conversations, we create a carpet on which worries, priorities, wishes, decisions, limits, tryouts, knowledge and much more can be spread out and carried further into the outside world/everyday life as collective tools.

As part of somebody@maschienenhaus 23, this workshop for young artists will be offered at Maschinenhaus Essen on 31.03.23.

workshop, 31.03.2023 – 31.03.2023 , Maschinenhaus Essen


Toni Brell

Kati Masami Menze

Daria Nazerenko