Sunlit Portion of Domestication

In the face of the corona pandemic, people all over the world suddenly withdrew into their own four walls and division-ridden public life grew silent. In › Sunlit Portion of Domestication‹ we observe two inhabitants of an empty space who occupy it in an installation-style performance. With their movements through this space they reflect on the question of the future approach to corporeality that will emerge from a global process of isolation.

Fragments of being

Desperate Measures

Shower of Indication

Gorgeous Adaptation 

the Smell of Limitation

Within the context of their collaboration, Kati Masami Menze and Daria Nazarenko reveal the sunny and dark sides of everyday routines – and ask whether they deserve a stage.

Film, 20.11.2020 – 22.11.2020 , @Atelier No. 64 PACT Zollverein


Kati Masami Menze 

Daria Nazarenko


Janik Weu


Daria Nazarenko

coproduced with

PACT Zollverein